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LifeLong Quilting Makes A Difference

LifeLong Quilting is making a difference in people’s lives. Mary Ann is excited by the feedback she is getting from her great clients. Her goal is to always deliver a quality, finished quilt that will become a treasured part of your life. LifeLong Quilting is excited to hear the feedback from customers showing off their finished quilt to family members and friends.

Our Story

Mary Ann Sperry has been enjoying the art of quilting for over 30 years.   She has now taken her passion and turned it into a very creative business called LifeLong Quilting – creating family heirlooms for the next generation.  Do you have a quilt top that you’ve been wanting to finish but haven’t found the time?  Do you find enjoyment in gathering the fabric that you know will make the perfect gift for a loved one, but keep running out of time to get it finished? LifeLong Quilting long arm quilting service is for you.  Mary Ann will work with you to get your creative project completed and ready to be admired by your family and friends.